Dogs and Cats of all sorts and sizes lounge around in contentment on comfy couches,

chairs or loving laps. They have us to comfort them from bad dreams in the middle of the night. 

Read stories to them on drab winters days, massage sore muscles and maybe even sneak

a doggie/kitty treat when no one is looking.

My husband says he will not spoil them but who else would open the snack cupboard.

We have gone to the dogs around here and that will be by design and plan. 

This is a special plan for special friends.

   Life often takes turns we did not see coming and when, as care providers, we fail our furry friends, 
who will take them in? Older dogs/cats have less time and more health issues, which can be

concerning to prospective adoption leaving them with few choices.

Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats lets seniors be spoiled.

They deserve that luxury in the older years of their lives. We will be

their final family and provide what circumstances they could not control has taken from them.

   Many have asked why a home for senior dogs/cats?

At first they laugh or wonder why an old dog or cat would even need a new home.

Dog/Cat owners who love and respect their pets either for hunting, herding or

family companion would ever think of giving up their pets. Then I walk them down the dark road

where a parent goes into a nursing home or dies. No one can take the dog/cat in due to their own

conditions, be it housing or lifestyle or the considerable problems they think the old, blind,

incontinent or epileptic dog/cat will bring unto them they look for a friend to help but the same

problems come to mind for each asked. Worse, some people just decide to close their hearts

and say it is too much work or worry so they decide to either place the dog/cat in a pound or

into the great void. The people I explained this to quickly understand the need for homes

like this and wonder why there are not more.

  The task is an immense one but when a dream becomes a vision it must be followed with

wide eyes in wonder. Why could it not become a reality? We have most of the basics available

to us and the rest will come with faith and footsteps one after the other.

  We already own some acres with our home upon them and hard work has never been

unknown to us. While knowledge can be sought and learned, we welcome any advice and

education offered.  Anyone who considers helping in some small way with a donation of

any size or kind would further the cause and it is vital to the success of Rosegate..

Another blessing is our friend and neighbor is a kind man

and has several buildings on a few more acres adjacent to us and he may just be persuaded

to help us achieve  Phase One. Purchasing what will be Rosegate.

  Three outbuildings of various sizes that with proper renovations would afford the 

infrastructure needed to provide the dogs or residents as we think of them,

with all that would be necessary.


The main building is large enough to create personal and communal space for a couple

dozen dogs/cats and even a generous loft for visiting staff and volunteers to stay overnight. 

Kitchen space for meal and medicine preparation would be installed as well as a bathing and

grooming room. An office could also be fitted in for business needs.

  The second building is smaller but still of considerable dimensions and would be dedicated to a

clinic setting for visiting veterinarians and healers. New arrivals would have a quiet environment

to be exanimated and there health concerns determined.  They can be bathed and groomed  for

their integration into the family. There would also be kennel room for the sick or injured for their 

safety while healing. Finally, there is a third smaller building to renovate for a laundry and food

storage facility.  

  We hope to build a team to care for all needs including animal communicators, traditional and

classical veterinarian doctors and healers as well as friends who have fun time and activities.

With a gentle lake only down the road summer days wading in the waters seems like a good

idea for all involved. Bring the water wings for the little ones and sunblock for the old noses!

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Some raw images of future Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats.

My husband is working on better images.

Rosegate Retirement Home 
for Dogs and Cats 

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