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       Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats is a project that we would love to achieve and currently 
have started with passion. The county and surrounding region we live in have no shelters or facilities, 
and only a handful of caring people with foster homes. It is a rural environment with many farmers

and hunters who value and love their dogs/cats however sometimes circumstances arise that leave older

dogs/cats without hope. Older dogs/cats present challenges and are rarely adopted into new families

without concerns. These animals should not have limited opportunities and deserve

more than being unwanted.
Our intentions are to establish Rosegate and provide these senior dogs and cats a home for life. 
We have started raising funds to acquire and convert some old farm buildings adjacent to our

property into the proper facilities required.

               In the meantime we educate ourselves about founding a tax free, charitable non-profit corporation and

bring together a team of people, not only to accomplish this dream but also to do so in perpetually.

  Some say all dogs/cats go to heaven but before they make that journey they can rest with us at

Rosegate and relive the love that fate may have taken away.  ​​


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A Home Where Life is a Joy

Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and cats

45445 600th Avenue

Correll, MN, United States




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we will save more lives


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Mission Statement:
Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats is committed to providing safety, security and comfort to senior pets. After a life of service and love we provide neglected and abandoned dogs and cats a retirement community with dignity and compassion for the rest of their lives. 

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Rosegate Retirement Home 
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